Why do we age, what are ROS?

ROS (radioactive oxygen species, i. e. super-oxides, hydrogen peroxides, and hydroxyl radicals) cause damage in cellular macromolecules (such as DNA and RNA) and apoptosis (programmed cell death). Every person has an individual level of ROS and is able to tolerate higher or lower levels to a certain extent.

very individual process of aging and being capable to compensate “aging” factors

decreasing ability of coping with ROS with increasing age

What causes ROS?

individual / internal prerequisites of coping with ROS, genetically set

external factors like

  • consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking
  • consumption of industrially processed food
  • exposure to sun
  • exposure to radioactivity, such as during air traffic
  • stress
  • smog

What are physical consequences of ROS?

radicals attack other molecules very aggressively and very fast

radiation causes ionization of atoms with possible impacts on

  • cells
  • tissues
  • organs
  • the whole body (cascade effect)

affecting: aging, cancer